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Baumann, Megan Dwyer. "Examining land rental market’s linkages to land and water control in Colombia’s irrigation megaprojects: integrating the political economy of agrarian change and the political ecology of vulnerability." The Journal of Peasant Studies: 1-27. doi: 10.1080/03066150.2022.2082961


Baumann, Megan Dwyer. Prácticas materiales de cuidado de la agrobiodiversidad como marco simbólico para la gobernanza ambiental en el sur de Tolima, Colombia. Estudios Críticos del Desarrollo 21:101-163. doi:10.35533/ecd.1121.mdb
Lea aquí


Baumann, Megan Dwyer. Living a Callejera Methodology: Grounding María Lugones’ Streetwalker Theorizing in Feminist Decolonial Praxis. Invited contribution to Interventions: Relationality and anti-oppressive geographic praxis. Gender, Place & Culture: 1-18. doi: 10.1080/0966369X.2022.2081133


Tamariz, Gabriel, & Baumann, Megan Dwyer. Agrobiodiversity Change in Violent Conflict and Post-Conflict Landscapes. Introduction to special issue. Geoforum. doi: 10.1016/j.geoforum.2021.11.010 Link to article here. 

Published online 2021

Baumann, Megan Dwyer. Agrobiodiversity’s caring material practices as a symbolic frame for environmental governance in Colombia’s southern Tolima. Geoforum.
doi: 10.1016/j.geoforum.2021.01.002  Link to article here. 


Baumann, Megan Dwyer, Zimmerer, Karl S., and van Etten, Jacob. 2020. Participatory seed projects and agroecological landscape knowledge in Central America. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, pp.1-19. doi: 10.1080/14735903.2020.1775930

Publications: Experience


Under review. Baumann, M.D., & Zimmerer, K.S. The Tolima Triangle rice boom: Rethinking spatial and relational concepts of irrigation water use and access. Revisions after positive reviews received.

Under review. Quiroga-Arcila, A.M.*, Baumann, M.D., Acevedo-Orsorio, Á. Indicators of soil health to analyze sustainability in conventional and traditional agroecosystems in southern Tolima, Colombia. *Student co-author. 

In preparation. Baumann, M.D., & Kelly, S. Ukrainian Women Refugees' Financial Needs: A test to financial inclusion policies.

Publications: Education


Invited blog posts, non-academic journal articles, book reviews, etc.

2021. Baumann, M.D. "El Triángulo de Tolima: Un megaproyecto de riego estancado y la gobernanza visionaria del cuidado en su alrededor." Invited post for Sur II Desarollo.

2021. Baumann, M.D. "Las riquezas, las problemáticas y los contrastes en referencia al agua y a la tierra en la cuenca de Saldaña." Invited article in southern Tolima local environmental journal La Revista Ambiental. Lea aquí.

2018. Baumann, M.D. Stephen Sherwood, Alberto Arce and Myriam Paredes (eds.): Food, Agriculture and Social Change: The Everyday Vitality of Latin America. Journal of Latin American Geography.

2016. Baumann, M.D. Daniel R. Block and Howard B. Rosing: Chicago: a food biography. Agriculture and Human Values, 1-2.

Publications: Education
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