Baumann, M.D. Agrobiodiversity’s caring material practices as a symbolic frame for environmental governance in Colombia’s southern Tolima. Geoforum.  Link to article here.


Baumann, M.D., Zimmerer, K.S. and van Etten, J., 2020. Participatory seed projects and agroecological landscape knowledge in Central America. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, pp.1-19.

Under review

Baumann, M.D. Living a Callejera Methodology: Grounding María Lugones’ Streetwalker Theorizing in Feminist Decolonial Praxis. Invited contribution to Interventions: Relationality and anti-oppressive geographic praxis. Gender, Place & Culture. Submitted May 2020.



Baumann, M.D., & Zimmerer, K.S. The Tolima Triangle rice boom: Rethinking spatial and relational concepts of irrigation water use and access. To be submitted to Annals of the American Association of Geographers.

Baumann, M.D. “No es rentable”: Land rentals as form of slow exclusion and dispossession in Colombian irrigated landscapes.
To be submitted to Journal of Peasant Studies.

Quiroga, A.M, Baumann, M.D., & Acevedo Osorio, A. Importance of biological indicators of soil sustainability: A temporal study of changing soil structure in rice paddies.
To be submitted to Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment.


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