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Zimmerer, Karl S., Vanek, Steven J., Baumann, Megan Dwyer, and van Etten, Jacob. Global modeling of the socioeconomic, political, and environmental relations of farmer seed systems (FSS): Spatial analysis and insights for sustainable development. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, 11(1): 00069. doi: 10.1525/elementa.2022.00069


Baumann, Megan Dwyer, & Zimmerer, Karl. Linkages of Suspended Infrastructure, Contestation, and Social-Environmental Unevenness: Colombia's Tolima Triangle Irrigation Megaproject. Journal of Latin American Geography 21(3): 121-160. doi: 10.1353/lag.2022.0041
Part of Special Issue Infrastructure & Latin American Environmental Geographies found here.


Baumann, Megan Dwyer. "Examining land rental market’s linkages to land and water control in Colombia’s irrigation megaprojects: integrating the political economy of agrarian change and the political ecology of vulnerability." The Journal of Peasant Studies: 1-27. doi: 10.1080/03066150.2022.2082961


Tamariz, Gabriel, & Baumann, Megan Dwyer. Agrobiodiversity Change in Violent Conflict and Post-Conflict Landscapes. Introduction to special issue. Geoforum. doi: 10.1016/j.geoforum.2021.11.010 Link to article here. 

Published online 2021

Baumann, Megan Dwyer. Agrobiodiversity’s caring material practices as a symbolic frame for environmental governance in Colombia’s southern Tolima. Geoforum.
doi: 10.1016/j.geoforum.2021.01.002  Link to article here. 


Baumann, Megan Dwyer. Living a Callejera Methodology: Grounding María Lugones’ Streetwalker Theorizing in Feminist Decolonial Praxis. Invited contribution to Interventions: Relationality and anti-oppressive geographic praxis. Gender, Place & Culture: 1-18. doi: 10.1080/0966369X.2022.2081133


Baumann, Megan Dwyer. Prácticas materiales de cuidado de la agrobiodiversidad como marco simbólico para la gobernanza ambiental en el sur de Tolima, Colombia. Estudios Críticos del Desarrollo 21:101-163. doi:10.35533/ecd.1121.mdb
Lea aquí


Baumann, Megan Dwyer, Zimmerer, Karl S., and van Etten, Jacob. 2020. Participatory seed projects and agroecological landscape knowledge in Central America. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, pp.1-19. doi: 10.1080/14735903.2020.1775930

Publications: Experience


Under review. Quiroga-Arcila, A.M.*, Baumann, M.D., Acevedo-Orsorio, Á. Indicators of soil health to analyze sustainability in conventional and traditional agroecosystems in southern Tolima, Colombia. *Student co-author. 

In preparation. Baumann, M.D., & Kelly, S. Ukrainian Women Refugees' Financial Needs: A test to financial inclusion policies.

Publications: Education


Invited blog posts, non-academic journal articles, non-peer reviewed research reports, book reviews, etc.

2023. Baumann, Megan Dwyer, Buitoni, Sarah, Hindriyani, Martha, & Salyanty, Agnes. Catalyzing Women's Advancement into Leadership in Indonesia's Banking and Fintech Sectors. [Research Report & Policy Recommendations]. Women's World Banking.

2021. Iwueze, Jennifer, & Baumann, Megan Dwyer. Catalyzing Women's Leadership in Nigeria's Finance Industry. [Research Report]. Women's World Banking.

2021. Baumann, M.D. "El Triángulo de Tolima: Un megaproyecto de riego estancado y la gobernanza visionaria del cuidado en su alrededor." Invited post for Sur II Desarollo.

2021. Baumann, M.D. "Las riquezas, las problemáticas y los contrastes en referencia al agua y a la tierra en la cuenca de Saldaña." Invited article in southern Tolima local environmental journal La Revista Ambiental. Lea aquí.

2018. Baumann, M.D. Stephen Sherwood, Alberto Arce and Myriam Paredes (eds.): Food, Agriculture and Social Change: The Everyday Vitality of Latin America. Journal of Latin American Geography.

2016. Baumann, M.D. Daniel R. Block and Howard B. Rosing: Chicago: a food biography. Agriculture and Human Values, 1-2.

Publications: Education
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