Human-Environment Geographer



Doctorate of Philosophy in Geography

Penn State University

Graduate Research Fellow
National Science Foundation

I am a broadly trained human-environment geographer. My research and teaching focus on water-land interactions within a broad framework of environmental justice. I draw insights from and contribute to geographic literatures of political ecology, socioecological systems and critical development studies. My research has been regionally focused in Latin America, with ongoing research projects in Colombia and previous research in Argentina and Nicaragua.

I engage both qualitative and quantitative methods including interviews, participant observation, household surveys, remote sensing, soil testing and policy and archival analyses. My research methodologies are informed by anticolonial scholarship, particularly decolonial feminisms. I am committed to interdisciplinary research and have collaborated with scholars from Bioversity International as well as agronomists from the National University of Colombia, Bogotá. I am a current volunteer with the EPA Office of Research and Development, with the Ecosystems Services Branch of the Great Lakes Toxicology and Ecology Division. 



Penn State University

meganbaumann at psu dot edu


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